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Remodeled bikes

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1995 KHS Aero Turbo 53cm
This was my impulse shopping. I should have said no to this one, but the bike itself is nice, light, and quite good. It had RSX 2x7 brifters and it was great. I think I changed the cassette to be a little wider range than when I got.

I wanted…

1987 Fuji Del Rey
I gutted the bike, added a new handlebar, stem, triple crank, 9 speed rear cassette, bar end shifters, non-aero brakes, and seat. That leaves frame, fork, head set, seat post and brakes from original.
Handlebar and leather bar tape, stem and…

1981 Raleigh Rapide
I wanted non-drop bar bike for errands in town, and this is it.
Soma Sparrow handlebar with Shimano trigger shifters.
Originally, the bike had cottered cranks. I ended up replacing just axle as the BB shell is 26tpi rather than normal 24tpi so I…

Univega Supra Sport 1984
I briefly owned this Univega, fixed all up, and ended up giving it to a friend of mine. Unlike others, this one, I kept some original components including downtube shifters. But, I replaced brakes, handlebar and brakes. I also put a new rear wheel…