1981 Raleigh Rapide


1981 Raleigh Rapide


I wanted non-drop bar bike for errands in town, and this is it.
Soma Sparrow handlebar with Shimano trigger shifters.
Originally, the bike had cottered cranks. I ended up replacing just axle as the BB shell is 26tpi rather than normal 24tpi so I couldn't use the cartridge BB.
I put a FSA's triple crankset which was on Redline!

When the bike came to me, it had the cotter crank, steel rims, rabbit year shifters. But, handlebar was changed to bull horn which was later used by Univega!

Why do I put in so much time and money and then sell it... I guess I just want to make something out of it, and once it's done, I have to move onto next project....


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