Univega Supra Sport 1984


Univega Supra Sport 1984


I briefly owned this Univega, fixed all up, and ended up giving it to a friend of mine. Unlike others, this one, I kept some original components including downtube shifters. But, I replaced brakes, handlebar and brakes. I also put a new rear wheel and free wheel.

The look is pretty neat. Hope he likes it.


univega-supra-sport - 1.jpg
univega-supra-sport - 2.jpg
univega-supra-sport - 3.jpg
univega-supra-sport - 4.jpg
univega-supra-sport - 5.jpg
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univega-supra-sport - 8.jpg
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univega-supra-sport - 9.jpg
univega-supra-sport - 11.jpg
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univega-supra-sport - 13.jpg



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