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I rode this bike for a year, and sold it. I however kept the saddle from it, and I still ride it.
The bike was not harsh despite it's aluminum frame. I still miss the bike from time to time.
The new owner said he plans to do a century ride with…

The manly touring bike! Thick down tube, gun metal color frame and monochromatic scheme all around.
I cleaned up quite a bit, put on a new chain, the tires, fenders, seat, seat post, etc. to make this a real touring bike. I used this for commute and…

This was my impulse shopping. I should have said no to this one, but the bike itself is nice, light, and quite good. It had RSX 2x7 brifters and it was great. I think I changed the cassette to be a little wider range than when I got.

I wanted…

Unfortunately, the stand-over is a little too high for me. :-<
Top tube CC is 22.5", but it's pretty tall. It works more like 24".

According to the frame serial number 062000, this frame is 24".
Looking at the web site, apparently, there are…

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I acquired this one at the end of 2014. This was a demo bike, and there is absolutely no sign of wear anywhere.
Frame serial # is LP4705431.

I changed the wheels to Vuelta Corsa SLR. It is much better.

This was my first adult bike. I sold it on CraigsList, as I realized I don't like the hybrid bikes at all.

I gutted the bike, added a new handlebar, stem, triple crank, 9 speed rear cassette, bar end shifters, non-aero brakes, and seat. That leaves frame, fork, head set, seat post and brakes from original.
Handlebar and leather bar tape, stem and…

After selling KHS Aero Turbo, I missed a light weight steel... Del Rey is good but it is a little bit harsh feel. Buenos Aires frame geometry is great. 53cm frame fits really well, the ride quiality is nimble and stable. It's better than Aero Turbo,…

I bought this bike from Harris Cyclerly in early 2015. The model year is 2013 and it was really good price. I wanted a steel frame bike, disc brakes, relaxed geometry, all the eyeles for commute. It's a little heavier than I'd like but pretty good…

Rapide- - 6.jpg
I wanted non-drop bar bike for errands in town, and this is it.
Soma Sparrow handlebar with Shimano trigger shifters.
Originally, the bike had cottered cranks. I ended up replacing just axle as the BB shell is 26tpi rather than normal 24tpi so I…
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